"reading _width" error that I do not understand

The main point of the game is to show 4 foods and then randomly show 4 sprites, 3 of which were not shown, one of which was shown, these 4 randomly each set in 1 of 4 positions. So you basically have to remember which was shown, go to it, and if you were right you get a point and it goes again. I am very new to coding and need help past this block here. The link is https://arcade.makecode.com/S58268-55886-56278-15786


(Welcome new coder!!) Hmm, I cant find what is wrong. Ive never encountered this one before!

substract 1 from list width
at sprite(10-11-12-13)


substract 1 from all “List width” in your code

Yes I figured that out after a few minutes, thanks again

Noice! (I don’t know what ANY of that means lol look at me pretending to be professional)