Really basic oscilloscope

Just for fun - probably not a substitute for spending a thousand dollars on a real one. Zoom into waveforms, being read from the Meowbit pins.

Brief video showing it reading a 0-3.3V signal twiddling a potentiometer.

up/down buttons change the y-scale
left-right buttons change the x-scale
A/B buttons offset the wave up and down the screen

By default it’s in ‘simulation’ mode where you can look at a precalculated sine wave, if you don’t have a circuit to actually connect to the pins or you don’t want to.

Press Menu to begin reading voltage on pin 0 instead.
Tie GND to ground otherwise you’ll get floating voltage noise probably.

ENSURE the voltage is only in the 0-3.3V range. You will probably harm your device if you don’t.


The sampling is pretty poor btw. It completely suspends sampling the voltage while it renders, so it’s glitchy when cycles repeat. It was only a quick hack to show the kids what a ‘bouncy’ push button looks like, and to show voltage sweeping with the potentiometer. Might try and make it a bit smarter some time, sampling in a background thread, that kind of thing.


I don’t know what an oscilliscope is but it was very fun to play with and cool visuals!

well its basically wait im dumb nevermind

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