Realm of legends POLL (BE apart of my game!)

If anyone wants to be apart my game for helping me and giving me cool games to show my freinds (@Octodemon6611 @Sarge @CreativeUsername and java) Demo is realm of ledgend DEMO if you wanna play it.

  • Merchant
  • Enemy
  • NPC
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(happy belated birthday java! :partying_face:)


Do you have a demo? Or atleast a blank project?

(Also thanks for the belated Birthday)

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yeah I have one its realm of legends demo the like to the games here.( it takes you to the forum of the demo)

I voted enemy so can the enemy I make be a Boss

OK… just reaslised I can’t see peoples names on a poll so I need you people (who voted or will vote)
to put you name so I can see your pfp (SRY!!:sob:)

will be making java cause he voted and responded

Sure send me a design and ill implement it as a mini boss or final boss which do you prefer

finished java @PixelDoodle or java Like it?


Daaaaang! Look pretty good! But…Normally, I draw myself as a PUPPET. Ill let it slide cause you probably didnt know.

Sorry, I could remake it you want?

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It’s totally fine the way it is! I said I look pretty cool, And honestly, This looks better than how I draw my puppet pfp as A Human lol

I made blastbox as a final boss!

Dang thats cool

That looks cool but Normaly if BlastBox is gonna be a bad guy I make him look like this

The Image is 22x22 and Its name is Insanity BlastBox

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@BlastBoxGames Made your charecter


anyone else want a charecter?


LOVE IT ill fix it

I would like to make a character too. Can I make myself a boss or a enemy?

If so I had this character in mind.


se this new POLL guys!

  • enemy
  • merchant
  • NPC
  • shop guy
  • miniboss(first 2 only!)
  • and tool refrecing you (Like{yourname} atk up
  • a non obtainble object refrening you (a vase with broccoli) @Luke
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there might be and error with me spamming this poll guys my internet acting weird