RedScript Network - Collab?

The radio extension can use certain transmitters from different softwares, I think. Let’s try it!

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of course

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Yea I think I had something like that in Azure that two people helped with (Thanks to @Quantum_games & @richard for that) So I can copy and paste the code into RedScript once we’re done with Offline Apps!

I think some offline apps would be Notepad and some others, I don’t think we need games in RedScript at the moment.

Added More apps, Settings still needs some work.

WHAT THERE’S GOING TO BE ONLINE SUPPORT??? How fast does it update, if you can do this, this could change Makecode Arcade forever. I’d love to know how to do this, so I could make a Spatoon 2d game, an mmo, and implement it into Makecode Kart. I’d also LOVE to use this for scoreboards. If you HAVE a way to do this, PLEASE let me know because I want to make online games SOOOO BAD. I have github if needed.

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Well you can easily do this with some settings and variables, it should not take too long, so don’t worry :slight_smile:

That’s the plan I’m trying to achieve. So far, I know that makecode supports one person sending a message and another receiving it (I need to copy code from Cboy Azure, another OS I made in the past) And hopefully, after running some tests, I try to make a group chat with 3, 4, and many other nodes!

Well, If this works, you can have people texting to one another, but I’m not sure if the group chat will even work, but the message system is definite.

I have a github as well for RedScript, the link is above.

Well I would need a lot of help from a lot of people to make group chat, and even possibly a network for people to connect to and talk. But in the end, you may be able to talk with a random email (I think).

@S0m3_random_guy I haven’t really heard from you yet. Can you begin working on the Email / IM while I build some Offline Apps?

@Kiwiphoenix364 @ursoalph @CyberPulse here are some of the tests I will run

  • Two Nodes - Can they talk via the same tab (PROVEN)
    Two Nodes - Can they talk via two google accounts (seperate windows, not proven)
    Two Nodes - Can they talk via different browsers? (Microsoft Edge & Google Chrome, Not Proven)
    Two Nodes - Can they talk via different computers? (Windows, Not Proven)
    Two Nodes - Can they talk if they’re running different Operating Systems? (Cboy Azure & Cboy R, Very Unlikely)

Also plans for the future (in no particular order)

  • Email System
  • An Indicator to see if the user is offline or online
  • Group Chat
  • Makecode Network
  • Web Browser???
  • Downloadable Apps???
  • Online Games???

(This all may seem very crazy at first, but in the future, it may be possible :wink:
Sorry for this long post. It may seem boring but it is actually really important!!)


Okay, so I’ve tried making pos movement with the radio extension, and nothing has happened; So Makecode Kart Online cannot be done without cracking the system. Sorry. Same for Splatoon 2D, or 3D with @AqeeAqee 's extension.

There’s radio but that’s nowhere near the full “online” experience. There is no way to utilize online features on Makecode, because it was built with hardware in mind (PyGamer, Meowbit etc.)

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Extension? Is this extension already made? If so can you send the link?

Hey- We can at least try, right?

Well, I’m gonna use the built in Radio Extention to create an email system once I worked out the bugs in 0.05 :sweat_smile:

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I’ve created a chart of the most clicked on Operating Systems that were posted in Makecode. So far, Cyan Shaded ones were made by Me, Gold by @Cat10847, Green by @M_Copulos and Red made by me. I’m going to create another for future builds I’m planning to add in the forums.

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Yeah, here it is:

I think the radio extension can only work with like, hardware kinda like the Xtron Pro, the Meowbit, etc. I’m saying this because I have tested all of the Two Node tests, and it hasn’t worked for me.

This is for raycast - I was looking for an online-compatible radio extension (if it is already made).

I think people shouldn’t get their hopes up for online multiplayer or chat. I’m not part of the MakeCode team, but I’m fairly sure that online communication is not something that Arcade is intended to support. Even if someone found a way to get it working, I suspect it would be considered a bug and they’d try to fix that.

After all, Arcade is intended to be an environment suitable for children to build and share applications. For example, the forum rules specifically forbid using third party chat environments to establish contact between users. Publishing Arcade apps with built in chat features would not be compatible with that.

Local multiplayer via hardware radio is very different from general online communication with random strangers. While I think it might be possible to build on the radio functionality via browser extensions (not just MakeCode Arcade extensions) or similar hacks, I don’t think that this would be acceptable as a core Arcade feature.

(All this is just my opinion, as I said I don’t speak for the MakeCode team.)


if there is online stuff there should be lots of rules about what you can and can’t
post on the forums

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Online Chat between two people I have already proven. Between Three or More I still have yet to code in the system, and I’m not fairly sure it will work.

I mean, the main source of where I will get the online capability will be from the radio extension. It’s not built in within makecode’s default set of blocks.

Not to be offensive, but I don’t think children may have the experience to code something like this yet.

Well I haven’t really thought about that…
I thought that this OS would be restricted to Forum & Github users.

Well, Hopefully, I can work out how to create a two-way chat and maybe even a group chat.

What do you mean by that?

Well, as long as the mods approve it, I guess it’s fine, because they probably wouldn’t approve something that’s not… allowed? I guess?

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