Need help? Ask us anything! [CLOSED] [12/21/2020 - 1/8/2021]

Do you have a BURNING question that you want an answer for from the MakeCode team??? Or just chill questions? Any question, all questions will do! Ask them here and we will answer it live on stream!

We’re going to try to post a new thread for each time we’ll run the segment! When we have enough questions to fill an hour we’ll answer them in one stream, and I’ll reply to this thread when it’s going to happen :slight_smile: This is still new though, so we’re still workshopping it / trying to find what works

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Can you do a YouTube stream too? I don’t have twitch.

Yes, we live stream at the same time to YouTube too:

However since it is hard to watch too many chat windows at once, we only take chat questions from the Twitch stream.

old streams:


Can you feature my project, too?

I would love people to see the project of remixing and community efforts.

  1. What is your favorite collection of blocks?
  2. Can I add more than 16 colors?
  3. What is your favorite game (Does not have to be made in makecode arcade)?
  4. Is there any way how I can make my games online multiplayer? Like among us. One player can generate a code or number that other players can enter and join an online multiplayer game. The two players can be in different countries.
  5. Is it possible to add a feature allows the developers of their games to turn the game into an .exe file so they can put it on an app store or just turn it into an app for ofline use?


  1. Any of you can play any instruments?
  2. If you couldn’t use the name MakeCode Arcade, what would you call it?
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I know I’m not from makeCode, but I would call it Arcade Code Creator

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Can someone explain why the sprites float when playing this on a mobile phone, or on a hardware device like a PyGamer?

This is my latest version:

Here is a link to previous discussions, but I still don’t understand what the cause is, or how to fix it:


Arcade develop

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They sometimes float because of lag. This has happened to some of my projects.

Play level 8 and up for the reference. Very little things don’t cause lag, while adding more cause lag. Usually computers have less problem processing this and that may be why.

(This is the right answer re: floating sprites, it’s a bug in the physics, I’ll probably take a look at fixing it within the next few days / for the next release)


how to get a grey scale palette

Use the extensions pallette. There is a gray scale option in the set pallette to block.

Look here:
Sprite Editor Color View

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Is it possible to change the font of arcade text extension. Right now, there is only a pixel kind of font, is there any way I can make the font times new roman or any other font?

I have a side-scrolling game (, which I intend to start placing certain sprites to the right outside the screen. Is there any limit to how far you can place sprites outside the screen?

This might not be the right place to ask, but I wanted to grab the attention of the team to this topic (as I didn’t get any replies ;- )