Repositioning sprite

Hey everyone,

Please help. How do I get my sprite to reposition in a specific spot after it dies? I don’t know the x and y numbers. How do I do this? Thank you :smiley:

If the enemy is not destroyed, the game ends. The reason is because it is still counted as overlapping it. If you put the sprite that take damaged somewhere or destroy the sprite, you will not lose instantly.

Could you link the game? There could be several reasons why this is happening depending on the code.

Arcade is fast. So fast, that when you overlap a sprite, it runs the subtract 1 heart code many times per a second, so it looks like you lose instantly. If you destroy the sprite, then it will only subtract 1 heart before disappearing.

Like in Minecraft, when a zombie touches you, you get knocked back a bit. If you didn’t get knocked back, you would keep losing health until you, or the monsters dies or moves away.

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You have to do this

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