Reversi - 4 Players

This is a remake of the board game game Reversi, but it supports up to 4 players!

This game supports from 2-4 players. Its board layouts, changing depending on the number of players, are based on the boards of the “Bob-omb Reverse” minigame from the DS games “New Super Mario Bros.” and “Super Mario 64 DS.” Also see this post, which was some inspiration for me making this game; however, I played the game in that post very little except for a few times testing it, one of which was while getting the link, and did not look at its code at all.

The order/color of players depends on the order in which they join by pressing A at the beginning of the game. Move the cursor then press A to play a piece, and all the other pieces owned by other players between that and another of your pieces will be auto-filled with your color of piece. If you play an invalid move, the game shows which moves you can make. Your goal is to have the most of your color on the board either when the game ends or there are no more moves available for either player.

The player whose turn it is can press B to show/hide the HUD.

The host can also switch to a classic 8x8 board by pressing Menu before the game starts.

The host can press Menu during the game to activate colorblind mode. (I know colorblind people can most of the time see more than monochrome, but I figured monochrome is the safest bet.)


Haha i’m so bad at reversi all my friends are better than me

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