Rhythm game

I love rhythm games. They are my favorite kind of games. What if we had one for makecode, that would be awesome. But I can’t do it myself, I will need your help, please tell me if you can help. Thx.

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There are several already made on the Forums!

Several by @FlintAsher here’s his latest one:

One by me :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :

You can obviously remix them but don’t forget no one wants their hard work stolen!

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i can help!

Oh, I know, I want to make my own, not my own, but I don’t want to remix one, I don’t want to base it off of other people’s, I want to create our own, one inspired by none other than, MopishCobra75!!!


I can help, what kind of rhythm game? 4 key, 2 key, jumping, choose!

I think we should do a 4 key.

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i help u, what do u want me to do? i’ve made many of them before and can speedrun in under 30 minutes

Sneaks into conversation


Sneaks back out


rolls nat 1 for stealth

tries sneaking in again, trips over a bucket, knocks over 10 brooms and sets off fire alarm accidentally

Sorry 'bout that…i’ll head back out.

sneaks back out knocking over a bookshelf, smashing a vase by bumping into it, and jumping through a window


Lets just start with a basic layout like the keys, have you ever heard of persona 5 dancing in Starlite, I want the controls to kind of be like that.

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walks pass sees him crashing into stuff runs tells police and leaves then says lol lol lol


(that kind of thing happens to me in a D&D meeting more often than you think, lol)


then goes and grabs car keys drives to mall sees a broken window with glass on the floor then sees a man that thinks is dead almost faints calls 911 tells them there is a dead man hears sirens starts getting sweaty suddenly man wakes up then faints and stays in coma

Does what you are saying have anything to do with this topic

i don’t go to d&d but i do kinda know what that is

lol OOF

Those are really confusing controls lol

yes :sweat_smile: its just ummm … :zipper_mouth_face:

What are, persona dancing controls

i think that means person dancing controls