Rock, Paper, Scissors, SHOOT (HELP ME)

You pick an item, rock, paper, or scissors. After the CPU has chosen, it won’t announce who wins or not. I NEED HELP PLEASE. Why is my game freezing up or something? Please tell me how.

I think you need to assign the Player1(rock, paper, scissors) variable before you call the computerChooses function. I am guessing the game moves on to this new function and never properly assigns Player1’s choice so your whoWon function if statements never evaluates to true which is why you dont see any of the splash screens.


hmm… Don’t want to be rude but did you test it out? To be honest with you, I’m really lazy unless if it’s a gaming speedrun

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I did. It works for me.


Thanks a lot, @timber!! I really appreciate it!

No problem. Also, I noticed if press A during the start up, you will get an error. And if you press A after the game is finished, it calls the computer chooses function again. You could add some additional variables and logic in your A button pressed if statement to prevent this. See screen shots below.

And Cool game. I am sucker for rock, paper, scissors. I really the dig the game start as well.


Wow! this is great! Thanks!