Run and Jump 50 levels

This is a 50 level game. It has Mario levels,
Cuphead levels, and some cat levels. My favorite levels are 20 and 50.


wow. 50 lvls? that is even more than the regular mario! great job @Lucas_M!

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I can’t jump.

Jump isn’t high enough

Yes… That is true

I broke it.
LVL 77
I’ll add a check.

EDIT: how do I download?

WDYM Download? You mean send the link or edit the game?

Thank you for the feedback. Here is a demo of the game and a link for the new version.


Maybe instead of picking levels over and over again, you should try like a level thing where after you beat the level it goes to the next one. The Jump is infinite and glitchy for me.


Just a little glitchy though now i can jump high enough so good job with that. It’s cool that you can pick the level you start off on but i agree that you could make a function that lets you go to the next level after you beat the one your on.

Is it fine if I can edit it and change the jump settings and level settings?

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I see it now. You can wall jump as well and when you are at a wall, you are making yourself not stick to it and just changing the Y value

I jest made a new version of Run and Jump 50 Levels


I fixed the glitch jump problem!! :smile:

2 Likes fixed the jump