Rush Hour Runner 1st game be kind ;)

Rush Hour Runner

So i got myself a little meowbit handheld console and wanted to try making little games for it based on older game mechanics etc…
I’m a huge retro buff and love old games, this game is based on a toy i had as a child.

Rush Hour Runner is a totally endless runner about dodging vehcle’s and oil slicks.
Travel along the highway dodging on coming cars and trucks, be careful not to slip on oil.

Have Fun
any feedback or bugs would be apreciated


I Like The 10 seconds protection.

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The game is a lot of fun. I had a good time with it

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Thanks for playing it :grinning:

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Great game!

Found one:

Hit a car then go into the grass or off the road. You are now invincible.

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cool find

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