Save File Help!

Can someone help me figure out how to add things like save files kinda like in the three brave cats 2?
if you could put it into this game, if possible, it would be nice! -Runner🏃


To have save files you need the settings extension.



I made a function that takes two parameters: data(array) and save(text). The function has a settings block in it, the setting is our ‘save’ variable as an array. I’ve commented and made an example with comments.


Hey, @Samsano can you explain to me what i should do?

this is the game i made that hase saving
the function takes a number and a true or false
true means save and false means load
the number is the id of th save

once you start a game press Menu to save ps.the game saves automatically after you save once
A and B ar upgrades ps.they ar described in the game

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