Saving data when Power is lost

I’m trying to get data to be saved on my Micro:Bit that remains there when power is lost but I can’t find how. I’ve tried Aria (Opera’s build in AI based on ChatGPT) but no correct response. Is it possible as Micro Python can.


Following another forum member’s request (@mwest226 's request here: Pull CPP files (Online - #4 by bsiever), I did create an extension with blocks that can be used to save and restore text from flash: .

Here’s an example using it: (I just put this example together and haven’t tested it on a micro:bit yet).


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Ive tried it on my Microbit V2.00 and when pressing A the number goes up by 1 an and removing then inserting power it displays the last saved number as the code instructs. Thanks for the help!

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