Semantic UI Icons

When creating an extension for the MakeCode editor, not all of the Semantic UI Icons are compatible with MakeCode and it’s difficult to find the icon name(example: “\f059”).
Can I suggest making a new website that lists all the icons that are compatible with MakeCode and their names next to them?
This would be a really handy tool like and would be easy to remember if the address was

I agree.
@richard, @jwunderl, @peli?

Our version of semantic ui uses font awesome 4.7.0 so you can usually find something here:

But, I think it’s only the icons in the free tier so some won’t work.

I don’t think we have any plans to make a page like this, but I agree it would be very useful and we should have better docs for this. Could you file an issue?

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BTW click on the icon you want and it will open a page with the unicode number (which is what you want)