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Sending code via bluetooth to EV3

Hi, I am a teacher using new EV3 sets. I have found MakeCode a vast improvement over the Ev3 programming software, but I need a way to send the programs to the robots via bluetooth, preferably from iPads.

MakeCode runs fine in Safari on the iPad, but is there a way to send the programs for EV3 via bluetooth to the robots?

Thanks so much in advance.

Only way to move the code to the EV3 brick today is through coping the .uf2 file through USB cable. Unfortunately iPad doesn’t have good support for USB cables. Bluetooth is in our backlog and we hope to support in future.

Our team is also interested on a wireless download… Now that in First Lego League (FLL) you can program your robot with other languages, our team is really interested on MakeCode… yet the drawback at this time is having to connect the wire for every tweak on the program for every mission… in a FLL competition there are 100s of tweaks as you try your program for distance, amount to lift, push, etc. for the various missions. Is there an ETA for this capability to be supported?

Bluetooth download is now availabe using Web Serial in Chrome.

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I noticed bluetooth transfer seems to be available now, but only for pc/mac. I tried following the same instructions on my Android tablet. I managed to activate experimental features but the bluetooth button did not appear in the download dialogue.

Do you perhaps know of any way to make it work?