Set background block doesn't work

I’m trying to make a title screen for a school project game, and yet the set background block just doesn’t seem to work.
This is the code, I can’t spot anything wrong with it in debug mode. I’ve already checked and nothing is set to change the background to nothing.

This is all the code does for me. No background, but the song still plays and the Game Scene variable is set to “Title Screen.” The only thing that doesn’t work is the set background block.

Please help!

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Yeah, that seems strange…
Could you share the code? That way it’s easier to debug

Is 3D extension on the project

I fixed it before this post got approved!

Apparently the raycasting extension had automatically put the view mode into raycasting mode, so all I had to do was set the view mode to tilemap mode.

Hope this helps to people with the same problem!

Can you send the game link?