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SFX in MakeCode Arcade?

I’m poking around a little bit at the internals of MakeCode Arcade. I like the ability to play melodies, but I feel like we’re missing the “pew pew” and “crash bang” types of sound effects that are also typical in arcade games.

Specifically, I’m looking for a way to play WAV file data like what is done in MakeCode for Lego Mindstorms EV3. In Arcade, it looks like music.playInstructions() plays sound from a buffer. Does it work the same way as works in Mindstorms, or is there some other way to hook into the sound system in Arcade to play WAV data?

We still have some work to do around sound. Eventually we would like to have a sound designer similar to the sprite image editor so that kids can “shape” their own sounds.


Brilliant; thanks for the update, @peli. A sound designer would be super cool! A set of stock sounds, though, would be perfectly sufficient to begin with, similar to the stock melodies list.

Both are related: we need an api to shape sounds in order to define those built-ins.


I’d like to play wav files too. I would rank wav/sample support higher than synthesis features. Have you conducted user surveys for this?

For comparison, MIT Scratch offers a rich sample library, import of wavs, recording and playback.