Show long text font issue (and documentation question)


My Game Design students drafted their intro stories in Word, and then pasted them into a couple of show long text. A few of them are ending up with really ‘weird’ font issues. It has been fun as a few have tried to isolate the issue, 1st thinking it is caused by too much text, 2nd font info we cant see, etc

In this game, the first show long text, is successfully broken into two screens. The 2nd long text starts to distort the font and fails to show all text. Known issue? Cause? A limit exceeded?

My students also noted the online documents seems out of date and incomplete. I too wonder what consideration there has been to update and improve the docs.

Middle School Teacher

Looks like my students found the error…pasting from Word produces a ‘weird’ apostrophe. Works fine with delete and retype. Length of text wasn’t it.

Still curious about the state of the online documentation. Who is the market for arcade? Assuming education. Feels like a lot more could be done to make it more up to date, more detailed, and friendly to users. I only say this as a past developer, but it looks like it is written by the developers :wink: