SKYBOUND: Awakening collabs!

Okay, so I am letting everyone make a piece of this game, along with credits, if they want to!
Here is the link:
and tell me what you want to help me with on the game!

  • Art
  • Scripting
  • Soundtrack
  • Ideas
  • (extra option for no reason)

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And then I will make credits, for everyone who helped make the game!


I cannot edit this code. Do I just make a copy?


Can i help with story writing?


(extra option for no reason) sounds very fun!

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OH OF COURSE! Lemme give you what I have:

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@CyberPulse Hey yo So I have been working on it a little bit just kind of to set up the game and I have made a new code here

Sky bound NEW

Could you check over it so see If it is good for a start?

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