SmashFangameMaker's TD!

Yes! I’ve finally finished it. Very very laggy, but I can’t help but put it on the site! So, here it is! (This is not the game I am counting down to: but it’s still cool ish.) Feedback please, because this if I had done this for a Mini Game Jam it would have been awesome! Sadness that the theme was space :frowning: because it wouldn’t fit the theme, but still! This game is probably one of the best ones I’ve made so far!


Super cool!!
Its really fun but also really hard to defend. You should try making the swap turret a different button.
But, that aside, THIS IS AMAZING!

I’m humble, but it is cool mostly because I don’t see that many people do TDs on the forum, but it’s all thanks to @UnsignedArduino and @jwunderl for the useful extensions. Remix my idea if you like.

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