Here @ggiscool and @Jabberwock and anyone else who wants to can create soldat.

We should change x.y.z. sometimes
x is incredibly large updates, y is Major updates, and z is small edits. The numbers to the right reset when one changes.
sorry for the delay @ggiscool


where is the link?

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its fine

We need to stop relying on global variables for enemy states, otherwise we won’t be able to loop and the logic right for multiple enemies. I’ve added two functions, isSpriteGhost to check on the enemy, this basically will tell us if the enemy just got bombed by a grenade. A simple check which is useful.
The isSpriteInvisible is useful to check on the UpperBody sprite of myPawn… I guess this will also help determine if we are in a special animation like dying to victory pose. That way we can have a condition if to run certain code…

To make the code adapt to multiple enemies you can do this; for example the greande handling:

Also the grenades handling in my previous version was better:

The FPS is very very low.

So what do you think about what I said ?

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Player now can crouch!

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Fixed crouch throw animation!

amazing! is there more?

Great graphics! Didn’t know this was possible in MakeCode Arcade.