[SOLVED] Destructable Walls [Blocks]

[SOLVED] Found out how to do this by looking at the Tiny Wizards source and setting a collision event without automatically setting collision on during wall creation. Thank you!


Is there a way to turn off collision on a wall tile?
I’m trying to make a destructable wall.
I’m using the tileset to place individual walls as objects of kind Destructable, and when I do a overlap event with a weapon, I destroy the wall tile, but the collision is still there.

There’s this block:

Is that what you’re looking for? Or do you need something else?

Thanks. I think that would work too on a per-sprite basis, but since I’m using an array to populate the walls, I just went the easier route and made them all have collision off by default and push the player backward when they overlap (same method used in Tiny Wizards).