Some of my old projects

I made this fishing game a couple months ago. There isn’t much variety but I think it’s pretty relaxing. My favorite part is just the art style.
How to play: Move the fishing rod with arrow keys. Cast your line with A (space). When a fish bites, press A repeatedly to reel it in.

This is an RPG I started working on a while ago but never finished because it got so big. The premise of the game is that you play as one of the ‘monsters’ in a fantasy world and humans are trying to exterminate your kind. The ‘monsters’ are actually good-natured creatures who are being hunted by the humans because they’re considered evil. AAANYWAAYS the point is that the humans are the real monsters and your have to save your kind from them. The combat system is kinda boring but I had a lot of fun making all the art.

P.S. let me know if you have any feedback on these games or if you want me to continue working on either of them. Thanks! :grin:


I think the monster game was fun.
You should continue that.
If you edit the project in a small screen, and pause the simulator, it makes less lag.

Personally, I Think You should Continue the Monster Game. It Looks Like It Could Be A Decent RPG!

Wow, these old games are amazing! I actually have some old games, too! But sadly, they all got deleted. :pensive:

@EuJeen oof. I feel you man.