Something Cool I found

If you are making An rpg platformer Like @Lucas_M 's Three brave cats and the phoenix’s quest, this tool can help you generate characters and customize!


Love this! Thanks @SkillMapster430 for informing me on this tool. Def gonna bookmark this :+1:

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Awesome! and such cute art too!

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very cool!


(British Accent) Thank you my good fellow! I may use this on many an occasion! And shall bookmark it (for I spent 20 min. going through my history to find this ONE thread) Ahem* (normal Ohioan?..Ohioen? accent) thanks!

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Please tell me there is not an ohio accent :worried:

HA! Naw, there isn’t (not really) we kinda blend letters (specifically T’s ex. Peyton= Peyon) But not really!

XD cool!