Something wicked this way comes

A little horror game that references a whole lot of stuff to ULTRAKILL.


im suprised this got approval.


me trying to find the monster

I know right! I could not seem to find him on my first try but on my second…

Wow nice game! very well made will there be more added? if there is I would love to see it!

ALSO! For an update, I will summon the legendary @AqeeAqee,
to ask for support for the lantern extension to be revived.

P.S. just a request. you don’t have to my guy.

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BET, here you go:
This update includes: BIGG tilemap, almost nowhere to run, and one easter egg, mentioning @PlazmaPulse. My backup ACC. so yea.

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Cool! I’m so excited to play!!

Hope you don’t mind @CyberPulse buttt… I made a “mod” of the game and here it is (if you can call it a mod lol) I enjoyed making it even if its not that changed I may make a update for it (if your okay with it as you made it) all credit to you. well hope you enjoy!

WAWESOME! I’m very glad people have noticed this and are making mods already. WOW!

yeah im willing to make a part II if you like even thought its a bit silly XD

AYO, guys. IF you are reading this. The forums will not load on my chromebook. Sorry, but this is either a Discourse problem, or a chromebook problem.
I’ll only be replying from Gmail.

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I’m just glad to make mods as they are fun to make and are just always goofy XD