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Looking at the one with the piano, I suddenly remember your game Piano Tiles - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star v1.1.

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I wrote about it here:

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Hey, I already made megalovania, a while ago, not a lot of it thought, yours is a lot better


Hey @UnsignedArduino, do you think you could convert Legends never die into makecode music? I heard you do commissions for that stuff so… pleeease? :smiley:

Should be easy enough to delete the key making and highlighting code.


Thank you so much!

can you make this song?

You just got Rick Rolled lol, but seriously this would be a cool song to have in makecode

Already done:

That was way too easy to beat you have to try harder next time :stuck_out_tongue:

lol thanks

Here’s a 12 bar blues pattern with separate bass/percussion tracks, from the sound effects thread: Sound effect demo (no extensions) - #6 by kwx

(I don’t recommend using this as is for game music, it’s too short and repetitive. It was intended to try out multiple instruments for sound variety.)

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i made this for my newest game and i think its pretty good


@UnsignedArduino can you make beliver with blocks in makecode

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hi i was wondering if u can make mood thx