Music requests

Alright if you aren’t gonna make it I’ll make it. Original requests here. If you want a music request please create a separate topic thanks. :slight_smile:




Sorry if this annoys anyone but it really helps me keep track of who’s requesting what. I’ll ping you when I finish one of them.


@UnsignedArduino I really like the way you sort things up!

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@Agent_14 and @Primal_Nexus:

No extras:


Thx. I will now try to add it to air combat… That should be fun and “easy”

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Also do you pay for muse score or how do you download?

Paid. It’s expensive. :grimacing:


Yes very true :wink:

How do you do this???

Hey! Here is the last one I need! (Like fr)
Also what about the others?

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:persevere: sorry I have been extremely busy lately and have I just been rickrolled??? And yes I can do this one but the others are really really long and don’t really sound well in Arcade - trust me I’ve tried.

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Well yes but actually no! You have been rickrolled but I also want you to make it! To rickroll others! Also can you do one with just the refrain? The last2 or 3 rows!? Thank you! Also the other ones it doesn’t really matter!

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aswell as the last one! Thank you!

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also can you try seconds 15 to second 31 of the fourth link(of my links)?

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Haha yes @UnsignedArduino you have been very sadly rickrolled by @DahbixLP but it would sound nice so I can absolutely rickroll other people and say, “That’s intellect, fellow 99% monkey-human, intellect that you don’t have”.

It would be nice though, since every single person I know has revised the YouTube link and they’ll think that it’s just another amazing/complicated game.


Full version:

No extras:

Lite version: :joy:

No extras lite:


@UnsignedArduino I think my music teacher would really like your part in music (and I like your skill too :grin:)


Hey can you do the song EYE by Kanaria.

@UnsignedArduino I know you don’t usually like requests, but I think this song would be a really cool one to make in makecode (if you have time).

(Used this sheet music)

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