Sorry, we could not load this project

Hola, I’ve recently been working on a game. But today, I tried to load the game from the main website, and the game doesn’t load. It displays an error message on the bottom of the screen “Sorry, we could not load this project.”

I tried duplicating the project but to no success. However, when I opened the Console via Inspect Element, I got this log:

I did load the GIF converter extension onto the project, but I don’t recall encountering any issues.
Any help is appreciated! :+1:

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Ah, my bad. The GIF converter is not an extension, it’s a Python tool. You run the Python tool to generate a bunch of frames to paste into an Arcade animation block. I’m not sure how to remove it without breaking though, but it would be a good idea to share your project or download it as a .png or even a .uf2 if it’s possible, so then we can try to fix it.

The project fails to even load the simulator or code. It just displays an error message. So I don’t think I can share it at the moment.

Can you open JavaScript, open the files tab and delete the GIF converter directory?