Space Battles

This game is a multiplayer ship shooter game where you try to shoot the opponents. Which team you are on depends on player order, so the person who hosts is always player 1 or the red ship, player 2 is always player 2 or the blue ship(even in 3-player mode), and so on. Please give heart and you are welcome to give feedback as well! Enjoy! :grinning:


add a one player option and add a bot
how does this bot work well

  1. on every game update we place a invisible cube in front of the player “on the opsite site so same y but not x” ps. don’t create a new cube every time
  2. make the bot follow the cube and whenever the bot overlaps with the cube it shoots
  3. optinal make the x change so the bot doesn’t move only in the y direction

I will be sure to add this, thanks for the advice!