Space game starting bug

Hello! I am a high-school student currently taking AP Computer Science Principles, and as a part of the class, we are allowed to do a project. I stumbled upon Makecode Arcade, and have spent the last month or so toying with it in order to learn how it works. I created a space shooter game that is fully functional. It has a few powerups, and also a superweapon that I am still working on. Just earlier today, I created a custom effect for the game. The game is horizontal, so I used projectiles to simulate stars passing by (the premade effect is only vertical it appears). I resolved this issue, but now when I start the game, I am greeted with a message: "Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘fields’), and there are 3 different places it is appearing. The game will start if I spam the start button enough times, and after that all is well. If anyone could take a look at it, that would be much appreciated. I am looking to export it onto a handheld one of my classmates brought in, and in order to do so I want the game to, well, work. Thanks!

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