Spawn enemies on spawn points Help me please!

I wanna make my enemies spawn at some point and move to the other side how do I do that

code: I wanna do this for level 4

Inside scene there is a place mysprite on tilemap column and row block or ontop of a random tile of your choosing block. Use those to tell created sprites where to start from.

I have already done that but it doesn’t work

Your issue from what I can see is that you need a global variable to control when the papers should spawn. Do you notice they spawn all the time, even during your intro?

Your code is working but there’s no blue spawn blocks on level one two or three so your papers spawn at the top left of the tile map.

My advice would be to use a global variable that turns on during your fourth level to control when the papers should spawn.

I have a question how can I make the enemies disapear, because sometimes they keep sticking.



Use this which will destroy a sprite if they hit a wall.