Speech Bubble Z (Depth)

In my game, I have a sprite that is in front of everything. When I make him “Say” something, the speech bubble goes behind the other sprites. How do I fix this?

I don’t think you can :frowning:


You set all your other sprites to a z value of something like below 50, because I think speech bubbles have a z value of 50

You should ask one of the forums admins for the exact number

Thanks! I set the other sprites to 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, but it still doesn’t work. :slightly_frowning_face:

Would it be possible for you to share your project? Maybe I can take a peek if you don’t mind :wink:

@jwunderl said somewhere that the health and score bars had a z index of 100 or something like that.


Wait… It is working now!

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Huh, I don’t think we have actually set a z index for the say bubble, so it’s just at the default 0 irrespective of what the sprite it’s attached to is set at. That’s annoying / the wrong behavior, will fix it.

(here’s the change I put up: https://github.com/microsoft/pxt-common-packages/pull/1129 )

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