Speed Battles 1 (SB1) Little Comeback :) (Racing Game)

Hello! Long time no see! I made a little game which has some features! I hope there will be many people trying to set records! It takes a strategy! Its a mix of GT and Nascar (Just Oval Racing)

B: Team Radio
PIT: Tells your team that your tires are bad and you need new ones! It will remind you when you
get close to the finish! Just go all the way to the left. Then a new screen should appear!
Drive to the marked box and a menu should pop up. Select a tyre
(Soft: Fast but wear quick; Medium: Balanced; Hard: Slow but slow wear)
Then you can keep on driving!
Lap: Tells you which Lap you are on
Tire: Tells what tire you are on and the percentage of the tyre life
Time: Tells you how much time has passed since the start
Close: Closes the menu (what else did you expect?)

Steering: Left and Right
Accept in menu: A

Records can be set for these ammounts of Laps:
3; 5; 10; 15; 20; 25; 30; 40; 50; 75; 100; 999
(A lap takes around 25 Seconds without pitstop)
Enemy Cars might be added though the current goal of the game is managing your strategy like when to pit because the more tires wear the slower you get and you get understeer
HUD shows Speed and Tyre Life
I know its not some High-End 3D Racing game but I was a little bored so I made this!
Select the Laps and the compound at the start of the race
It has a lot of extensions and stuff so it might get laggy
Please report bugs!


Bug Fix

Patch Notes: Spamming B broke game, Grid/Pit stuff didnt get deleted and caused lag
Main Update: Quick Tyre Select: Instead of writing sof/med/har you just type 1/2/3
(1 for Soft; 2 for Medium; 3 for Hard)

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