This is a platformer-Parkour game design I made. Feel free to make your own game out of it. The code is very simple, so it is easy to edit. Enjoy!
(PS: sorry about a bug that happens when you slide. the game counts it as changing velocity, so it tends to cause a falling animation bug. To stop it. just press down for a second or two while idle.)


noice game :flushed: :ok_hand:t3:



Hmm, I wonder if anyone can get a score of 33, cause I did!


It’s a very interesting concept. Despite it being very well made, there are just a few things that I do have some complaints about.

  1. You can still jump while wall sliding - If you press A while on a wall, you will still move upwards.
  2. It is a bit awkward to jump off of walls.
  3. It is far too easy to mess up and end the game immediately. I know that this is just a small demo sort of thing showcasing this idea, so maybe this would just be a later level in a game and this wouldn’t be a problem.

If some of these things could be cleaned up then I think this has amazing potential. Really well done though! You did a spectacular job with this.

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Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it.
If you know the game, a lot of inspiration came from Speedrunners, a sort of multiplayer racing game that uses all these mechanics and more. I was trying to make the same kind of thing.
I’ll test how their wall jumping and climbing system work to make mine easier to use and more smooth.
Soon, I’ll post it here again as Speed-Runner 0.5 or something like that.
Thanks again!