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@everyone if you don’t know what on Earth Splatoon is, then I’ll explain it:

I don’t know what the storyline is about, but you’re basically a person who has a type of weapon and has to face another team of a different colour (with your own team) and you all have to cover the whole map in your colour (or color for Americans/Canadians) to win. The team with the most percentage of paint spread across the scrim map wins and goes on to fight others. Other things that I know is that you can transform into a squid to ‘recharge’ your paint and go faster and that you can K.O opposers by running over them with rollers, drowning in paint, it can be funny!

Hope this helps anyone helping @Colethewolf.

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https://makecode.com/_AeJezJgpW5r3 can some one fix the bugs in this and the multiplayer so you can pick how many players you want if you can add a player 4 that is pink with red dots plz and think you

The reason the squids are falling through the floor is because they are starting out partially inside the wall. Check out my posts here for an explanation.

how do I make it so you can make an option to choose player one play a two-player three-player forth player

and I need help making controller for the other players

It involves lots of ifs. Use the ask functions.

i can’t get the block to do it

This is really good

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pixil-frame-0 (97)


Nice thats really good

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I am working on a Splatoon game!

Ive got everything exept for the enimies.(Enemy inkligs Octarians comming soon.)
How do i make an enemy w/ a health bar?

Heres what i got so far:
-inkoplis plaza
-a shop(wont do anything untill i make the enemys drop coins wich is why i need the enmys)
-shooting(u can shoot ink)
-Transforming(u can swimn as a squid in the ink)

i REALLY nead help w/ the enmys!
P.S. if u need the link to the game just ask.


Can you share the link?


i made a little fun 2player game hope you in joy https://makecode.com/_4pqCE7aJA5Ct and @jvdos i like the idea i can help with with animation if you need help with it or want me do the animation then am fine with that

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A to shoot ink (note u can only swim in ink that is overlapping your player ie new ink)

B to change between kid and squid

Link; https://makecode.com/_KridPK5vFcub

Ok i need help w/ the inklings animations! P.S. i tried to make them but it didnt work.

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here i do not know about the inking but i did the waking https://makecode.com/_HAp1dkVYm9Yp

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Ok thx! It looks great! Now we just need the enemies and itle be PERFECT!

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