Splatoon ssb


How do you play?

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Yes! I’ve wanted something like this for ages, and it’s a thing now! Although, I think the next steps would be to incorporate a turf war style mode, if you want I could help?

I don’t think I can do turf war mode. You can do what you want with it though!

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I actually made a turf war game before. I discontinued it though so you can use the base game!

Blocky Splatoon (Updated)

Let me know if its good enough!


Cool! 10/10

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Hi! Me again, lol. I was working on the turf-war version and I noticed a bunch of unused, almost platformer-style levels. Was this originally the story mode or was it built on the remains of another project? Just out of curiosity lol

Also, on the unused levels thing (sorry if im being intrusive now), if the levels are for a story mode, are the little red things the octolings? just wondering sorry

no sorry

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hello again! my winter break started yesterday so i made turf mode!


…my design is:

  • not as good
  • nearly as good
  • a literal plate of garbage (click this)
  • good enough
  • ‘better’ (don’t click this, that would be a lie)

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Actually it was normally supposed to be a platform game.
Also im back!

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I was trying to make a demake of Super Phantom Cat . It’s a pretty cool game

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