Sprite - Player vs Projectile - when is one better?

Hi. I am making a “catch the falling object” game.
I am wondering how to determine when a projectile is the better choice for an object in my game, and when multiple player sprites is best?

In my case, the objects will all originate at the top of the screen, in varying positions.
However, the images used will change, and it is important which image the sprite is. For example, catching one sprite is good; catching another is bad.

I would make the “bucket” (whatever is in your game) a kind of player. I would make all the good things to catch a different kind (for ex. good_thing) and all bad things (you shouldn’t catch) of a different kind (ex. bad_thing) if the code for handling ALL good things is the same and the code handling ALL bad things the same. Depending on your use case, you may want to look at the sprite-data extension which allows you to store some variables on them.

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