Sprite position glitch

So… I am currently coding Among us and I found a glitch and need help to fix it! It is a sprite position glitch that is very wierd… I set the position of the start player (The screen where yo see the role and there is 1 imposter among us) to where I want it to be… well it now randomly chooses its position… on the top, on he bottom, left, right and not in screen…
Any ideas on how to fix that? Also if I remove the set sprite position it still spawns randomly…
Centering the camera also does not work! (The code for it is now in a function)
(Yes my code is a mess) Thanks!!!

Older Version:

Newest Version:
Glitch still there …
Some fixes and detail work on the map
And 2 Functions (Imposter and Crewmate (to make it less of a mess!))


I absolutely love the sprites!

I don’t understand your question. What is the problem? This?

Wow! I absolutely love this so far! Let me look into the code and see what I can do.

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Exactly… The sprite just spawns in a random Position… Of course that should Not Happen…
Thanks for your quick help

I’m gonna guess that this is also the problem:

Okay, here:

I’m guessing the problem was that the dialog was popping up before the Start_Player sprite, therefore preventing it from moving. So I added a pause 10 ms block, which forces Arcade to update the screen before drawing the dialog.

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I tried out your link and it is still spawning randomly. This seems so hard for something so simple :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ve tried making them relative to camera, fly to center of screen, place on top of tilemap center. Nothing seems to work. Could the story extension be used for the “queue story part” blocks instead of pause?

These are epic designs!

Thanks but it does not work… you probably were lucky so it spawned in the middle … I tried it multiple times… sorry but thanks tho


I might have an idea. Bear with me for a min

oop- nevermind

I would try increasing the duration.

already tried it wit 100ms… also not working

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I think you have too much code in the ‘game update every 100’. I think you should only use this if you want check the other players and have them move around. I noticed in the game start, that you set a countdown, allowing the players to move around. You could use a ‘on countdown end’ event (Info section), within that event block display the dialog box call the ‘call CREWMATE’ and ‘call IMPOSTER’ functions. Otherwise you could also set a variable ‘time to start game’ that stores the value (game -> time since start + some time to wait), and in your game update event, check if that variable is less than ‘game -> time since start’.