(Sprite) say "" functioning weirdly

So the second screenshot is showing where I would like the text to be, but in the first image, when I go to the right edge it offsets the text, but in the second screenshot I go to the left and it doesn’t offset?

How do I stop the weird offset on the right?

Thats because the sprite say bubble has the stay in screen flag applied on it because the bubble doesnt inherit most if not any flags from the host sprite. There is a similar bug open as well.

Sadly, I don’t think you can fix this yourself immediately so you will have to use a different method to say text.

Is there an extension I could use?

This will be changing in the near future!

The new sprite say will no longer box inside the screen and will also have line wrapping:

2021-09-03 15.00.12

Old games will be unaffected by the change. This will only matter for new games going forward

The story extension (built-in) is really nice for displaying text, but does not provide a direct replacement for it.