Stickman Platformer! (Updated Maps + More)

I know I said it was the final version but I have done the following

  1. Debuffed the Swoopers
  2. Updated maps.
  3. Made Speedrun mode quests (Slightly) easier.
    Enjoy! Reply if you have update Ideas I could do!
    (Btw: The game saves your data if you leave unless you delete your data!)

You mean nerf, right?

Where is the link to the game?

Yea, Nerfed

Sorry, Keep Forgetting

The Link Game Link

-The New Hard Mode I Made Is Heck

  • I Made Timers for Different Levels
  • And in The Final level, the Mob Spawn Time Goes WAY DOWN! :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

There were some glitches in the other Post
HERE’S the REAL version :smiley: