Stopping a Sprite

I know this sounds simple, but I’ve tried everything. How can I stop a sprite when it hits another sprite? I tried setting the velocity to zero, and I tried moving the sprite back a few pixels, but nothing works.


Setting velocity (and acceleration if you used it) to 0 should do the trick

okay thanks!

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It doesn’t seem to work.

Can I see your code? Maybe you didn’t set a variable to your intended sprite and left it at mySprite

Okay I will share an example.

here (just an example)

Oh! I know what you mean!
Try this on overlap:

Then how do I make them move after this?

(In block of code obviously)

I know that, but in there is a continuous loop of this, the sprite passes through the other sprite.

Sorry, I don’t really get it :frowning:

It keeps on moving slowly. This happens because of resetting the movement and the time taken.

Still don’t get it :frowning:

It’s fine.

What are you trying to achieve in your game?

The player has to try to solve a puzzle of moving objects out of the way.

It’s fine, I got an idea that works.

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Oops, it doesn’t work anymore.

there was never a velocity set on the sprite which is why it doesnt stop.