Stopping a Sprite

If your sprites bottom is greater than the wall sprites top, move it up.
If the sprites left is less than the wall sprites right, move it right. Etc.

The problem with that is that if the sprite is in front of the wall, it will also move back.

Can anyone please help? (thanks for efforts: @UnsignedArduino, @LCProCODER and @Dreadmask197)

You want to push the sprite?
Try this:

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Press menu to restart

Not quite what I am looking for.

I included the two statements at the bottom the overlap function.

I this what you are looking for?

He wants them to move again and wants to use the other sprite almost like a wall

That is a really cool implementation of pushing a sprite; great job.

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Well I guess if @GameGod is able to better explain what the game should do, then we might be able to help.

He posted his game in the Traffic game jam contest. It’s a really nice Car and truck puzzle game

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@Dreadmask197 Do you have the link to the game @GameGod made? I can’t find it on the results.

I linked it in the Traffic tiles game. For some reason. This is what he made originally and then there was someone else who made it as well.

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Here is a pic that he took when he was drawing with his stuff.

I played the game, it was very challenging and @GameGod designed it well.

Yes. He makes a lot of games that require math and aiming physics with the button controllers. He made a pinball game which is really nice.

Here is his pinball game. Try it out!!

Also played the three different versions, they are very good. He is certainly a ‘pinball wizard’ when it comes to programming. He has made some very good extensions; so if you get time, take a look at how it is done. You will start get a better idea of how block code translates into Typescript. Good stuff.

Wow, thanks! :smiley:

You’re welcome. I’m new to this, so I might just have use some of your extensions, hopefully in my own games, but also as an example to start designing my own. Your code is well documented and easy to follow. :clap: