Strange Disappearing Sprite

hello again, i have a strange thing happening, there are now three guns, you can switch right now by switching “gun currant” in the “Initialize gun stats” function.

I am trying to make a shop and i was well on my way and then found out something weird, i have a sprite that is the background saying the stat, and then a picture that shows how much of that stat the gun has.

the pictures sprite is set to the cords of the background thing. but the background just is vanished.

Here is the LINK

Im sorry if i explained this poorly and i will clarify in needed, also in order to get to the shop part you will have to play the game. (A) is shoot, (B) is reload (this will take a second), and move with the right and left buttons to move.


  • Blobiy

Never Mind, i got it working

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