I finished SUCROMON. I made my own monster sprites and some of them were from other people. Thank you to all the people contributed to help me make this project.
This also comes with a healing stand too!
Credits: Makecode Team, @Kat @purna079 @GameGod @LCProCODER. Plz tell me if I’m missing anyone!
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where do you heal your sucromon?

When all your Sucromon are knocked out, you will respawn with all health on the Sucromon to 100%

OK and did you put any of my sucromon in?
and there is still some bugs but i think you can sort them out

I named your double headed flower in. I called it Flospy

that’s mine? oh… yea! sorry if i was being mean

It’s ok. I hope Flospy was a good name

it is called flopsy 'cause it is flopping!

of course it is a good name!

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(yall might not get this joke) Does Foxlin bite his lip??


sigh~ I knew yall wouldn’t get it

what is the answer?

Didn’t you draw Foxlin @Kat


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foxlin—lin minuel miranda

umm what?

:sleepy: oh my, am I old

no. I was wondering what you were talking about

So basically Lin Minuel Miranda always bites his lip and its a meme, and Foxlin’s name is Foxlin

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Oh I get it.