Suggestion for next game on the Makecode Arcade Livestream

How about a 1bit roguelike i.e. like 1bit Rogue:


I caught up with the last stream (Weds 17th May) on YouTube (was unable to make the live version). Great to see the proc gen rooms completed and character in!

Looking forward to Friday’s stream.

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Hi @richard, here are my thoughts in response to your request on last Friday’s stream (19th May) for ideas for the roguelike game that you and the team are currently building,:

Suggested title: ‘Dungeons of Eldoria’
Backstory: In the realm of Eldoria, the valiant warrior Seraphin embarks on a treacherous journey through the depths of the Forbidden Labyrinth to vanquish ancient monstrosities and seize the mythical Goblet of Everlight.
Splash screen: I created a splash screen for the game in Procreate using Apple Pencil. Image is sized to Makecode Arcade screen (160x120px) and shares same colour palette;

roguelike (1)

I also updated the project that I used to share the Skeleton sprite to include the following:

Snake, new Bat sprite, Chest, Ghost, Door, Key, new Stairs sprite, Goblet (suggested game objective)


Here’s the link to the project again for convenience:

I included some more ideas for structure and progression in a comment block in the project too.

Hopefully some of the above will prove useful.