Suggestions on which webhost to use to host the editor


I’m mostly done customizing the editor according to my needs and I wish to host the editor on the internet. Which web host provider does the developers suggest? Following are some of the hosts I’ve tried.

  1. Github pages: mostly works with working WEBUSB. but it’s static only so I can’t implement APIs like share and github login etc

  2. Free hosting: Everything* works except WEBUSB.

  3. Amazon AWS: Everything* works except WEBUSB.

  • By everything I mean mostly with a few bugs here and there like wrong links in docs etc.

I’m thinking in trying paid webhosting services like godaddy, hostinger etc. but I’m a bit hessitant in investing as it might or might not work.

note: I’m using package generated by using the pxt staticpkg command.

@developers if there are any other methods to deploy the package other than the one stated above please let me know.


WebUSB is purely client side so it does not matter where you host it.

We don’t know about all the methods you can deploy web sites these days. This is really your decision.

WebUSB does require https (source), so you’ll need to make sure you set that up with your hosting provider.


What I meant was ways to deploy the package other than using pxt staticpkg command.

As there are several issues with pxt staticpkg command. like -
1. wrong/missing links in docs. I’ve also opened an issue here HERE.
2. APIs like share, login with github, cloud compile won’t work. either this or there are missing documentation on server side redirects.

Note that above stated API works well when running pxt serve. I understand that this command is meant for development only.