Symbols in makecode bbc microbit

Good evening. Please help me i need your help.

i must create a reaction game counter time and i must appeas 5 symbols with random position.

how can i do that?

is symbols the same with sprite?

please help me because it is for homework for my school.

thank you a lot

Hello vadela and welcome to the forums!
What exactly do you want to happen and on what platform (micro:bit, arcade…)
If you want a dot to randomly appear on the 5*5 screen there is a easy solution

If you meant something different please let me know!

thank you so much for your help.

welcome back :slight_smile:
i appreciate a lot.

i want at the start of the game 5 symbols to appear in the screen in random position and each symbol must stay in the screen until i press a, ab or shake . when i press a, or , ab or shake , i will take back an answer.

sorry for my bad english. i hope you understand me.

thank you again a lot.

Don’t worry! I am actually Austrian so my English is also not the best… Anyway
So you want 5 randomly placed dots!? They replace on a interaction!?
If I got that right?

The glitch thig it does is just if 2 dots overlap so it will change positions until all 5 dots do not overlap! press A, B, A+B or shake to change!

your english are so good. :slight_smile:
thank you so much for your help.
you help me a lot.

thank you very much. i appreciate it. thank you again :slight_smile:

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no worries!

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My friend, can i ask you something more?

above with the random symbols listed on the screen, the user must select the appropriate input from a, b, shake and make a selection , correct or no. and then i have to display the score.

i dont understand how i must say which is the appropriate input.

i have search everything in google but i dont understand how i can do it.

please can you give me some ideas?