Team Sonic Adventures Join sonic, tails and knuckles in this game. It is 2 player, so someone can play as tails. However, knuckles is a random computer player…

Did you code this

No, he took it from one of the ocean jam games called: The Three Brave Cats.

@TailsCodingClub Pease give credit to the original maker next time you make a game like this.
Some times making a game like this came help you lean how games are made. If you want to make more platformer games on your own you should follow the Makecode skill map
Also I made Three Brave Cats, and I am not mad at you.

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wait WHAT

I am the creator of three brave cats and I am working on another game that is in the same world as three brave cats


this is gonna be cool

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First, our game Episode Shadow is from MakeCode Skillmap. Second, all my games are not taken. In fact, lots of the games we make are from imagination!

Well you took the code for my game

ok you can say that but this was still copied with his design.

Have you tried making a game form scratch.

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I am ok with you modding this game I made @TailsCodingClub.

Cool. I’ll leave your stuff alone!

You can do whatever you want I don’t mind right now I’m fine with anyone who wants to be creative or wants to Learn use my code