Fall Guys 8 Bit Gold Rush Season

This is the biggest update Fall Guys 8 Bit has ever had. This season is inspired by the Gold Rush.

You can access the Gold Rush levels and by selecting the Go Seasonal, and for the Gold Rush Looks you select the Look Seasonal.
Here is a GitHub webpage that has all the previous versions of Fall Guys 8 Bit, and how to find the Easter Bunny that unlocks the Bunny Levels and Looks.

If you want to make your own levels and looks watch this.
Part 1

Part 2

Please share the levels and looks you make.


I was working on this before the Time Jam, and was going to post it sooner, but when I herd that a game jam was happening I decided to post it after the game jam.


I actually modded it without watching the vids lol.

anyways uhh who wants to see it?


Like to see people adding on to this game.
I like you mod. Did you make any mod levels.

Yeah. I haven’t made a name for it yet.

pretty cool game!

Glad you like it

my computer is supper laggy but great game