The Arctic: Winter-based survival game!

This game is an endless wave-based game where you have to defend yourself from enemies that come. There is a boss that appears every 10 waves. you can choose between 17 perks from a literal gun to a blast of sand that INSTANTLY KILLS. You can discover things on the map and get a weapon purchased. This game is inspired by a Roblox game called Decaying Winter. Also, this is a game that I’ve worked on a lot and the only reason it has several updates is that forums were blocked by my school, and sent different versions to my classmates (Although I could’ve just sent it at my house). Please tell me anything I need to change to make my game better, and its purpose is to be hard.


Im surprised that there was more than 10 plays

wow, thats really good! :smiley:

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woo 30 plays!